Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary August 20-23, 2009

Oh what a fun time this was! Of course over the last three days ayu had to post a thousand times. There are 12 blog posts here! And 6 of them are sizeable entries. My last update had what, three blog posts in it in the same amount of time? Yeesh!

These are awesome though - Ayu continues her commentary on the IAAF World Championships competitors as well as some self-reflection. And then, the thing I'm sure most of you are most interested in.... Ayu fangirls out over Tohoshinki!!! XD


When & if
20 August 2009 2:31 PM

"No Today's Photo today."
you probably think that, everyone, but I've realized something important.
We have Tokyo Station -> Nagoya Station -> several nights in Nagoya -> Nagoya Station -> Tokyo Station all covered and there are tons of photos that we've collected, but
Ehime is missing!!
I am aware of this. And in a panic, we're adding the pictures.
We're working hard so we can upload them tonight, so just wait a bit longer~!
Ah, but there's more IAAF to be watched tonight. Gotta do both at the same time, I guess.
Today too, we had a lovely day
Because no matter how much we hurt, we feel no pain
Because no matter how much we don't believe, we don't really doubt.
Ah, Sato-sensei recommended this bleach? cream? thingy?
And yeah~, this stuff matches you with some kind of paper-colored person.
I have blond hair, so I responded to Sensei by saying "I wanna match up my hair & eyebrow color!!" so I can get them bleached.
But, no one's allowed to see how the bleached eyebrows look...
About the same as my license photo, I look overly serious...

*These look & feel like lyrics but I can't place them... they might not be. I dunno. :P

20 August 2009 3:05 PM

It's done.
Paper -> X
Hair -> O

Sorry for interrupting~.*

*"Shitsurei shimashita" is hard to translate into english & sound natural. Literally it's "Sorry for doing something rude" so ayu's apologizing for the quick blog update in case it's inconvenienced you to check her blog for something so tiny & so fast after the last blog, basically. In Japan, you'd say this.... hm... as you were leaving your boss' office if you went to go talk to him at work. Or a similar situation.

Ehime Pictures
20 August 2009 4:15 PM

They're uploaded~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!

BE-KE-LE--------------------!!! (Again)
21 August 2009 2:23 AM

It's still just the preliminaries, but again & again this guy was able to enchant me!
That miraculous stamina & will power in the last spurt.
And on top of it, getting to the front when he hit the curve & increasing his lead.
How much energy he must have had to consume in that moment!

Okay, I'm through being a sports maniac saying stuff like that.
Still though, one major contender was Shaheen...
But he had a bad fall...
The World Championships in Athletics are teaching me about life.
It's making me aware of things I've forgotten.
Oda was speaking too, but until I see Bolt's final result, there's no way I can get to sleep!!!!!!!!!!

I'm digressing, but I got my nails done by Bancho.♪
Aren't they charming?
Here's a side view. The gold & silver aurora span lines are glittery.☆

The number of lines changes depending on what finger it is.
So, looking at it from this side, you can see the rainbow colored stones are put on there, one per finger. <3

I do so love French manicures~.
And I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow~ <3 <3 <3

My imitation of Bolt is super-clever, though.

BOLT------------------!!!!!! (Again)
21 August 2009 4:52 AM

Everyone understands this title, right? lol
I was just absurdly nervous~.
That false start the first time, gah, stop already~!!
It was like, my heart couldn't slow down-----------!!!
I was just clinging onto Marron, I was so tense. lol
No, but he took those beautiful curves at such great speed, he set another world record.☆
And he ran like the wind, getting a time of 19'19, no less!!!!!!!!!!
Man, if he actually WAS the wind, that'd be a pretty dangerously fast wind, wouldn't it?
In the interviews after the run was over, all the interviewers that surrounded him had been excitedly dealing out questions, and he asserted very calmly, "My best is good enough for myself"* with a different side of his character than we usually see, and I felt like we could see the real him.
Now the women's run is happening, but do you know that the queen, Blanka Vlašić, is 193 cm tall???!!!
Bolt is 196 cm, so there's only 3cm difference.
I think she must have been destined to reach the summit of this run since before she was even born.
There are things you can't change, joy & fame & wealth....
Whether or not she desires those things, I don't know, but the fact is, she holds them in her hand.
But it's bound to happen, if you have those things, you'll have to give them (and more) up, you'll have to leave things behind, but if you're able to cast those things aside, then you haven't made many mistakes in the first place.
Ah, right now, Vlašić's got the gold!!!!!!!
You can't avoid losing sight of yourself in this world with just skill alone, you need the people who you love, who continue to watch over that "self," and that's really the greatest reward.
(Vlašić is similarly in congrats-ism mode)

As for me, well, I haven't done anything as world-class as these athletes, but on the news they've been reporting about it so, with this single, even as young as I am, I've now got 44 top 10 singles, which I'm honored to say has broken the record set by many of my amazing superiors, putting this solo artist next in the succession of artists in first place... they say...
This thing...
It's... I just can't accept this.
Well, I keep thinking that anyway.
I want to give this honor to every person who's affected Ayumi Hamasaski, and everyone who's continuted to help Ayumi Hamasaki.
POWER UP More & More!!!

*In case anyone's curious, here's the specific interview she's quoting: Clicky! (I looked it up so I could quote Bolt accurately)

With experience,
22 August 2009 2:05 AM

Bolt & Bekele exist.
Today at rehearsal, I had some waiting time, so I got to thinking, Oh hey! I have personal experience with world records right now! <3
I ran only 6 laps around the track~~~ <3
I am in such a great mood! <3 <3 <3
In the middle of running, I found Bolt smiling and giving me a round of applause.
But then I looked closer, and it was Zin.
Then, in the last spurt, Bekele appeared & passed me with great speed.
But then I looked closer, and it was Gori.
Right then, Sou was enthusiastically singing Oda-san's World Championships theme song.
Aren't they the best, these guys? lol
Of course, we've also been taking rehearsal very seriously!
Tomorrow and day after tomorrow, we'll make them the best performances...
Let's do it--!!!
And definitely make absolutely no mistakes at all.
Ah, that's not the recently very popular Gacchi-san* thing.
Not Gacchi, GACHI. Grr. lol
Aah, at noon tomorrow, Satsuki-chan is personally coming here to Tokyo, bringing something (something sparkly, of course!☆) from Kobe~!
I'm really looking forward to it~ <3
And lastly, my nails done by Bancho, here are photos!☆

For this pedicure, my big toe got a heart that I love~~~ <3

Minazo just kept gluing the lines to it.
I think some of his recent attempts have been pretty good work.
He was a pro nail artist after all. lol
Once a pro, always a pro. lol

*She uses the phrase "gachi" in the line before this. This is a pun that I can't translate. She loves these but hasn't done one in awhile, lol :)

Right now,
22 August 2009 2:47 AM

The Championships are on a break due to rain.
I'm not in Berlin.
With that, Today's Photo work continues~☆

Today's Photos are done☆
22 August 2009 4:00 AM

I should say, my dance stand-in has done it. ☆Akira☆, starting from tomorrow's experience, will rise up to become a true dancer on the stage!!
Please give him help!!!
So, on Kaz-max's blog...
the Kaz-ma talk is too cryptic, it's too noisy...
Mora-chan's shirt button opened up in the confusion. lol
There was much laughter~~~~~~~. lol

My toes are long.
23 August 2009 12:43 AM

Lately people are only gossiping about this lately.
I know, my toes really are long, but my feet are surprisingly tiny.
In other words, I have bad balance and bad luck.
Well, today we had our first day-------!!!
First, Ohji came into the green room carrying this, and it really got our spirits up-------------!!!!!!!!

The thing I've been drinking every day, Momi Tea-<3
He brought enough refreshments for 50 people!

From Kua Aina, where I actually went!!!
Thank you thank you soooo much! <3 <3 <3
Thusly, getting such a nice surprise from Kua Aina, Chon-san went to go watch Tohoshinki's performance in very very high spirits.
Due to a mistake in planning, when I went, they were already on their last song.
So there I am, wearing my Tohoshinki t-shirt, wearing a Tohoshinki towel on my neck, holding a Tohoshinki fan, I'm all totally ready, giving Bancho a very loud laugh.
But tomorrow, I shall have my revenge.
In fact, as we get closer & closer to our turn up front, looking forward to the noisy performance, and begin our preparations.☆
This 3-face mirror is a great effort!! Such undefeatable cuteness <3

This tray-base (?) shows Satsuki's love feelings~ <3

But the thing Satsuki-chan brought herself from Kobe is even MORE decorated!
But you can't see it yet~<3 Look forward to it! <3
And then and then, performing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing could stop us-----------!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys calling out "Ayu" is always the best, isn't it?
Between everyone's cheering and my own voice, I couldn't hear anything in the first song. Absolutely nothing. lol
I hurried to turn up the volume on my ear monitor. lol
Nah, I'm really grateful to you guys, honestly.
And for all the kind encouragement you sent to the band & all the dancers, thank you!
The Kanto team showed us so much love energy☆
Hey, for tomorrow too, this group of ours is gonna need some fighting spirit!~↑↑↑↑↑ Don't be defeated, alright?~↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

It doesn't really work for me to lump all these various things together, does it?

Oh, by the way...
23 August 2009 12:54 AM

Today, during member introduction time, Bolt came up but...
(fighting with Shuu-chan though, lol) I wonder if anyone noticed. lol

By the way... (again)
23 August 2009 3:00 AM

There were alot of questions regarding the dancers during a certain song, so I'm explaining.
The dancers there alternate, one performance at a time, actually.
Each performance, they do an actress battle☆ moikko.*
And to those asking "Why were you holding a Tohoshinki towel?"...
They have beautiful singing voices, I fell in love with them in Ehime~.

*I dunno.

Can't sleep
23 August 2009 6:11 AM

Chon-san's 5 Frame Comic Theater! YA~Y!!!!
Of course, the joke (not really a joke though) is the most popular request from everyone.
This is Chon-san with

Completely & fully equipped and very energetic♪
And right here, the member whose voice hypnotizes Chon-san the most was singing enthusiastically.♪♪♪
I was feeling way too good, I was shaking. lol
(Taking the photo was hard ^^;; sorry. -KAZ)

Well, this is the last song, and I was a very fired up person.

Coming to visit me with this sort of impression, all of my staff was laughing very loudly at my useless style here. lol

So then, still dressed for the finished Tohoshinki performance, I ran into Kaz-max. Ayu's staff is so impatient. (I was late.)

Doesn't this make an impression~.
Well, I should seriously get to sleep quick.