Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary 8/3-7/09

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3 August 2009 12:31 AM

Since the long trip from Osaka to Kumamoto, I've safely returned home.
It took me awhile to plan out today's entry.
Alrighty, the first day of this long trip.
On the way to Haneda Airport, I found a rainbow☆

It squeezed through & could only be seen in the spaces between buildings.
Naturally, it put me in very high spirits.↓

So simple.
After the first night's performance in Osaka, I went to go eat with my friends in Osaka, decorationist Satsuki-chan (she does my phone decorations & stuff ^^), and Sato-sensei and Yuuki-sensei, beauty teachers.

For them, posture & making an effort to beautify yourself are wonderful (as you'd expect), so they did beauty work & showed off their skills. And I'm so open all year round, unless I'm working, I don't wear any makeup (lol), so they gave me two recommendations, skin toner and a CO2 pack which, when used properly, make the skin niiiice & smooth~!ヽ(^0^)ノ

What makeup? I didn't even use any for the picture!
As for those three, since it seems they're using ameblo, shall I go peek at them?

Hm? Why do all the Osakans put their sunglasses on their heads???
Well. You from Tokyo who make the tour T's, or who, I should say, have been a bad friend for 10 years already (lol). Alias: Kuririn.
& Nori-chan came too~oo. Those two drink & drink, they hold more than a
bottomless swamp. Well, that's normal so I can't be surprised at this point.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo. lol
Those two do the STR blog~♪
Your blog is interesting.... I mean, I support it.☆
Here, how about we take a look at their leisure time?(^_^)v
Everyone's messing around, so.

Inside, the boys look for where the pretty light is hitting and they find it↓

Maro... you.... are leveling up. lol
Opposite that, one person is wanting to sing something and is seriously worried↓

Surprisingly, this guy actually loves singing.
But every time, he sings the same exact song. But which song is a secret.☆
After day 2 in Osaka was over, the band & dancers, who all now had the a-nation fighting spirit, ate yakiniku with all our might!
Yes, I forgot to take photos here too.
But by the time I noticed, we had to warp to Kumamoto!!!!!!!!!
Starting in the evening, until the date had changed, we rehearsed like crazy.

Ah, my hair grew. lol

We're dealing with alot here, here's the back, lol
I look forward to your approval of it, I guess....?
I want to go to Minami Island.
Well that came outta nowhere.
Incidentally, Kaz took a buch of photos of the whole Haneda Airport -> Itami Airport -> Itami Airport -> Kumamoto Airport -> Haneda Airport deal, so Today he's gonna upload stuff to Today's Photo (^_-)-☆
Still.... there's way too many of them so please be patient~.
I should say,
I want to go to Minami Island-----
Shall I?

3 August 2009 5:49 AM

I got alot of messages from people saying they couldn't find the blogs of my 3 friends in Osaka, so I'm posting them~!

First, decorationist Satsuki-chan's blog. I've only just looked at it, but it seems enjoyable! The photos of sparkly merchandise made me happy~!

Decodenist Hiraoka Satsuki's Decochen Way

Next up is the Chairman's blog. (Sato sensei.) I've used them alot, the skin toner & pack, etc etc, looootts of beauty items & health goods that I've been able to get samples of.♪ Sato-sensei was originally a very famous engraver.

Fine Make, the Chairman's Blog

And lastly, Yuuki-sensei's blog.
Here too, you can get plenty of beauty information.♪
Everything from eyelash extension to hair care. It's awesome-☆

Full-Speed on the Road To Beauty☆Beautician Yuuki's Blog

All you girls can definitely enjoy this~.
You know as far as makeup & things go, I really am very...............uninterested. lol
Because my face without makeup is something I liiiiiiike. lol.

Today's Photo
3 August 2009 7:36 PM

...is being uploaded I think!!!!!

More Today's Photos
3 August 2009 9:11 PM

are being uploaded!!!!!
All that's left are the ones of me returning to Haneda Airport.
Ummmm.... Kumamoto Airport, on the return trip, there was a conducting wire in
the background and they said "please move along"...
So, there's no photo of Kumamoto's return trip... (T_T)
Ah, but um, there's, ummm. What was I gonna say there....?
I think it was something to do with seeing me off at the airport.
There, everyone in Kumamoto, waving your fans, opening your towels, I saw you from inside the plane.
Until takeoff, the whooooooolle time, I was waving my hands. Maybe you could see me???
I was able to see you no problem.(*^_^*)

4 August 2009 5:18 AM

My friend said that when I sent her an e-mail for the first time and she saw my way of writing "konbanwa."*
But no, but, seriouslyy~, somehow it seemed like I was being attacked~!
Even if I concerned myself with it, the reply was sent out, so I shouldn't worry, right? WRONG.
I'm still thinking about it no matter what, the response is already settled upon, I had to stop worrying about it....

but I can't stop and now I can't sleep!!!!!!

and so it seems I have broken myself.
I'm in the middle of a negative campaign.

Sosososo down.

If I manage to wake up tomorrow, then I'll switch to a positive campaign.☆

Ah, P.S.:
Appearing in Sato-sensei's updated blog is the CO2 Pack--.
Bancho & Okei were the very first to test it out, but after getting small-faced & lifting it up to see the result, they yelled "gyaa gyaa" they were so pleased.
Seriously, their pores disappeared~.
Gori did it too but didn't become small-faced...
Personally~, I did it for the first 7 days consecutively and I knew it was the best recommendation.
Who needs foundation, Chon-san's skin was reborn!

*"Konbanwa" is written incorrectly here, but it's a spelling mistake ALOT of people make, sorta like how english speakers write "alot" instead of "a lot" like I just did. :)

As for me,
5 August 2009 12:21 PM

The person I believed in, The person I love
On this path that I chose above all others,
I will defend only them.
To what extent will I continue to do so?
So far, I've kept it that way, and I will after this.

It swells in my heart...

I changed to a positive campaign.

This fresh new day is valuable.

6 August 2009 7:09 PM

I'm tired of denying
It seems I've lost sight of myself
Have faith in me
I'll be here for always
If there is proof of your existence
Then it is that you exist in me.

It's always
7 August 2009 7:22 AM

so painful I could cry, but I want to smile
I want your love

Back then, what was my teenage self thinking when writing those lyrics?
I think I must have been genuinely starving for love.
Now that I've turned 30, those times echo differently for me.
Of course, I cry and dismiss it, feeling that it's easier to turn tail and run away, but that doesn't change anything.
However, as the time I've lived has increased, I've learned too much about these things, and I think my fear of it grows more & more.
Basically, because I expect the the things that have been thrown out, that I've run away from, to come back to what remains of me someday.
Still, it was only the things I think it was good to part with.
On the other hand, while worrying, while hesitating, while struggling, things are good, so I don't care even if I'm being clumsy, so one way or another I stick out my chest, lift up my head, not forgetting to keep my confidence and pride, desperately trying to keep progressing in my way, and that's all well & good, but the most important thing is courage, in the whole world there's nothing more important than that.
So that's what I wish I had.
If only getting it was as simple as wanting it.
But I'll will myself to be brave until the end of the end. I'll measure it on my own scale.
Today, a too-weak me was scolded by someone, and it woke me up quick. Too quick, so I couldn't sleep after that. (differently significant?

Well then,

Sorta cute, the way I put that.

Tomorrow (today?), wish this group luck on our first trip.
What do I mean by first trip...?

Let our strong battle cries pile up----!!!
Don't shrink that sort of high spirit, Ehime!
Don't let me down---!!!

Prepare for the not-letting-down as best as you can.

By the way, I used the skin primer on Sato-sensei's blog (it says it's out of stock right now, maybe my fault for buying in bulk? >sensei), spraying it on my face.
After I've washed my face, I put it over my make-up. Pyaaaa~~~~~~.
It moisturizes. Prevents wrinkles.
Then, I believe in applying kiwi juice, but that one I taught to Sato-sensei even, so I'm into that.
I especially recommend this to the young ladies.♪
I'm too into it, I taught the shop their recipe, so it's homemade now. lol
Then, a quick photo right after waking up, girls.

Of course, this is Satsuki's work. Everything has the A-logo on it!♪ I like the neck strap most♪♪

The sun is rising
I have to get going
I can't stay in one place for a long time...

*Lyrics from "poker face"
**Lyrics from "A Song for XX"