Website News and Ep.30

Hope you guys enjoyed Ep.29! It's one of my favorite episodes even if the interviews are a little quiet in the mix. So, instead of Ep.30 going up this Saturday, we're going to have it go up Monday because of how recently Ep.29 came out. We want to give the episode some time for people to listen to it before we throw Ep.30 out there. Also, we had plans to do Go-Fun with how we got into JMusic and how we met, but with Jaylee in San Fran for GLAY, we will probably push that back to next week to do things proper justice. So expect a fairly quick and dirty Ep.30 for now.

I've also been working on a Media page for the site. It should go live here in the next day or two and it will have pics from AnimeFest/Dallas as well as the video from the interviews and whatever else we can think of the throw on there. I plan to release some stuff like unedited versions of the interviews as well as an unedited version of Ep.29 where LinZ/TohoSexy went off on many fangirl tangents. 

Anyways...I'll let you know when every thing's ready to consume!