Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary Sept. 9-14, 2009


Hello friends! Been awhile, I know.

Usual disclaimer applies - my Japanese sucks so these might not be perfect, don't steal the photos, all that fun stuff.

Lots and LOTS of photos of Ayu & her crew learning to golf, traveling, and hanging out in very expensive places in Las Vegas.


9 September 2009 4:59 AM

My arms are sooorrre~.
Here's why〜↓

I went over & over again!!
And today I got coaching from an extremely cute Fujishima pro☆.

I passed by this Fujishima pro at the gym, so we're being coached by him together now~.
He has an Ameblog, I think <3
After being taught by him, Kanako & Sou have improved quite a bit~!! They hit the golf balls very silently. lol

And, my Tou-chan, as expected, is quite skillful!☆

Now that I think of that, I promised to urge him to improve. As expected, Tou-chan! lol

Oh, sorry, here's 3 of the guys, workin' hard~.

And so you can see them from the front...

Lookit Zin-san~♪
Ah, maybe I can do this....

I did it~!!!!!!! The title is,
"<3 Monkey and Gorilla <3"

Mm-hmm, that suits just fine.
Tomorrow too, I'm gonna try to have this sort of priceless day.
Even if it's a sad thing, a fun thing, something that makes us angry, something that moves us...
In life, you should live with all your might
as though tomorrow will only come once!!

So, sometime in the future, I can look back and say, "that happened."
And smile☆
It's alright. Because I'm always holding on.

*"tadaima" ("I'm home") plus "Mambo" equals this. Apparently it's a reference to a TV show. Ayu started saying this awhile back.

9 September 2009 5:50 PM

Everyone's holding their passports???

That's what it is!!!
This photo must be a big winner, huh? lol

Nice, Gura-boy. lol
Alrighty, seeya later <3
PS: Suba-sama's hair was pink again today.

11 September 1:54 AM

continuation ☆

We flew out safely from Narita and came here.
A terminal used exclusively for private jets.

Kanako and Chon-san... or so we thought, but someone with a pink mohawk behind us ended up photographed too. lol

Everyone came so maintenance could be done~.
This jet☆
I've heard it's the newest type of model!! Pretty awesome!!!

No, so, one at a time. lol

I got aboard too, next in line. lol

And thus, departure~~~~~~~!!!!

We all did well in flight, but there was one person who, in contrast to his "Uhyooo~ Uhyooo~" noisemaking, was absolutely terrified.  > Right, Sou-chan? lol

Yeah, we landed before you could say "ah!"☆*

More to come later~.
Today, here, the weather's nice.
After this, I'm gonna go for a run~♪
I'm joining up with Kayanocchi today. <3

*"Atto iu ma ni" ("In the time it takes to say 'ah'") is an expression in Japanese for "a very short time." Figured I'd leave the expression mostly intact here, since it pretty much makes sense in english anyway.

12 September 2009 8:09 AM

And suddenly, the first thing you see is a photo of my face!
One at a time, right?
Gonna take photos like that~.

And then maybe,

That sort of thing.
From yesterday's travels, I didn't mention the escalator being completely filled up with Ayu's staff & dancers.
Even though in front of the first person, it looks like they're one by one, it was a challenge.
It got like this, and somehow it got Chon-san very excited.↓

Continuing on now!!!
Here's Chon-san with a huge smile, taking a photo, and a very happy Ohji is in back watching.

I don't really know what the point of all this was.
Well, as I told you in passing, I successfully met up with Kayanocchi.
Messages saying "Upload Kayanocchi's photo~!!" came in large numbers, so Chonsan will try her best.
I'll make good use of this sudden enthusiasm.

Anyway, I took photos of an excessively pretty couple who look very rich and just lovely. If I do say so myself, the photos were surprising. lol

Yes, THIS!!!

Let's try that again.
Alright, here we go! <3

Say it with me, folks...

PRETTYYYY----------- <3

They look fantastic.
My phone is so great.
After this, they brought huge glasses of milk to our table.
It was not at all the right atmosphere for milk so that was kinda surprising.
After talking about it for awhile, we discovered that when everyone ordered "biiru" the server heard "milk" and made a mistake.
Even reading an english-language newspaper, one of us never comes across "Beer" unfortunately, so this is bound to happen.

Yes, Maro.
Some time ago when I was selecting the photos to upload to my blog, I saw alot of this sort of thing↓

Someone's alone, strange, right? And the answer is,
Yes, Maro.
When I saw this photo, I exhaled. lol
Cutting out one casual moment in time, totally unconcerned with anything. lol
High level~.
Starting today, I'm competing with everyone one at a time, I think.
"Team One-At-A-Time" is formed! (what an announcement.
So yeah, lastly, a two-shot of Chonsan and Kanako Bancho Miura charmed by the nighttime view.

Right now, the sun is gradually sinking over here.
Simultaneously, as though wishing for everyone to have one glittering day, the sun is shining over there.
Surviving with strength. 9.11.
"douka douka wasurenai de."*

*"Please, please, don't forget." Lyrics from "A song is born," the song Ayu sang with Keiko for the 9-11 charity cd "song+nation."

14 September 2009 2:37 AM

shall I make my entrance?
Where are we? The correct answer to the riddle!
Before that, sharing photos on my diary.
First~, since coming here, the custom has been everyone going to study♪

Ah, by the way, this is from day before yesterday.

Afterward, we went to the place we love to stay♪
That is, whenever we come here, we sit in the same spot.


I just can't give up this nighttime view.
No, "Can't give up no matter what~"* is what it is.
Afterwards, I get closer so I can steadily soak up the night view.

Let's see-----------.

Look closer-----------.


The fountain!!!

Break time!
Most recently, when night falls, a rabbit frequently appears.
Or someone trying very hard to imitate one. ↓

I guess he kinda looks like a store manager somewhere. lol
I guess he kinda looks out of place with the bunny ears. lol
Clever. ☆
Well, back to the journaling.
Here's me going to yesterday's study meeting~♪

Afterward, we always go to a different restaurant.
We get this beautiful night view from where we stay☆
We can see nothing but this all the time, it's so incredibly cool~!!!!

With Kayanocchi <3

With Boy-tachi*** and Yamamoto-kaicho who invited us to this place.

I said to Tou-san, "Somehow it's like a store, lol" but I meant it as a compliment.
Moving to the dinner table, everyone drank**** together.
I'm digressing, but during the toast, Su-san was addressing us, but this time the speech was,

"To us, who sparkle more than this million dollar night view!☆"

Such a great MC. His speech was very different.


Oh yeah, where I am right now. I forgot to write that.

But I'm so busy packing now. The answer is at the dancers' and Sou's blogs, so you can check there~. (Depending on other people to do my work for me
Alrighty, I'll be back later!

*"Sokontoko yuzurenai." Lyrics from Rule. Ha ha ha.

**Subaru dressed as a bunny. Subaru plus Bunny equals Subunny. Ayu calls him "Usasuba" (Usagi + Suba
ru). I dunno why I decided to translate this. lol

***She says "Danshi-zu" here.... Japanese "Danshi" plus english "s" for the plural. So I switched the languages around and said "Boy-tachi".

****Kanpai! haha :)