GK is Coming...

Hello Friends! Just wanted to give a quick update on what's going on and why you haven't received your GK fix yet. If you didn't know, Zer0 and I went to AnimeFest in Dallas for a trio of interviews. Because of that, we decided to get the interviews in the bag and then do the show...so we knew things were going to be late. What ended up happening was that our last interview was delayed until Sunday, so we finished that and then went to a local Mexican Restaurant and recorded over many drinks and many quesadillas. We were joined by Zer0's sister, TohoSexy/LinZ, who runs the extremely popular online webstory Chasing Taboo, and when not working at the JpopHouse con booth, is TVXQ's (re: DBSK ^_^) Super Fan #1. We also had eXodious from JpopStop and the JPop Wiki. To quote Three Sheets, "It's a good show..."

All this and more will be up tonight (hopefully). The show should be up which will include edited interviews, but we plan to have the full interviews, both audio and video, including pics of our trip up for download as soon as Zer0 gets back home from Dallas tomorrow or Thursday. The only good iPhone pic I took was of Tsutchie, so it'll have to tide you over for now =P

Everyone on the AnimeFest staff we worked with were super nice, and my new Facebook friends ^_^v For you guys who may not know, we interviewed Eyeshine, DJ Tsutchie and Ramen and Rice. I can't wait for you guys to hear the show! We were outside with 80's music in the background and people staring at us as they walked by...heheh.

Also, thanks to Dolorous Haze for their blog entry for Episode 28. Nice to see fans getting our name out there!