Gaijin Kanpai Ep.046 - "Handlebars"

Tawata Emi - SINGS album review at Gaijin Kanpai! Jpop Jrock Jmusic podcast046 - "Handlebars"
Tawata Emi - SINGS
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Hi everybody! Hope you're all enjoying the new episode so far, sorry the notes are late. You know we love you guys, right?

We had a short show this week, so no second segment, but the news and review were definitely fun segments this week, so do enjoy.

Don't forget we're going to be at Sakura-con in Seattle during the first weekend in April, where High and Mighty Color will be appearing! Let us know if you'll be there!


Chiaki Kuriyama is making her debut as a singer on Feb 24th
Chart updates! Mizuki Nana is first Seiyuu with a #1 single (For the record, the album Deli was thinking of WAS, in fact, Hybrid Universe, from 2006. She sucks at remembering album names and apologizes.)
Toshi from X-Japan about to be divorced
SAWA's 333 album on Japanfiles, plus girl groups


Tawata Emi - SINGS


Versailles - Jubilee