GK's 1-Year Celebration Tonight! The Details...

**UPDATE** Thank You to everyone who showed up last night! It was a LOT of fun!! I hope you non-ustreamers enjoy the show on Sunday!

Join us tonight (Thursday) on our UStream Channel for our 1-year celebration! The pre-show will start at 7pm EST, 0:00 UTC.

We started GK in February 2009, but tonight will mark our 52nd show!

Join us for our normal News segment as well as our choices for Top GK Episode, Top Album Recommendation from each of us, as well as some genuflecting on GK then and now. If any of you guys have Skype, join the ustream tonight and let us know your handle. We'd love to have you on the show to share your thoughts about GK and how you were introduced to us!

It will be a fun show to be a part of, and probably a good show to get introduced to the wonderful world of GK!