Perfume Web Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Oricon Style

Translator: Erin Grace

Perfume’s first single for 2010, “Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koi Shite,” will soon be released!  2010 is a critical year for Perfume, who face their 10th anniversary – and 5th anniversary of their major debut.  In this interview, who knows what girl talk will come up as they tell us about their thoughts on the new songs!?  


It’s not just an open attitude… “Natural” is deep.  (laugh) 

--Everyone can relate with the feeling you sing about in “Fushizen na Girl” (“Unnatural Girl”), of acting unnaturally in front of the person you like.

Nocchi: There are times when, just like we sing in the lyrics, you suddenly shut your umbrella in the rain.  (laugh)  You’re just unnatural.  

--There’s also the portrayal of putting on make-up while waiting for an email.  That’s a feeling that we can really understand.

A-chan: I think it’s the same even among my friends.  But when I’m not dating someone I don’t wear make-up and I’m a little half-hearted.  (laugh)  I show myself to the person I like when I’m wearing make-up, and I’m the type that doesn’t want to be surprised by them seeing me without makeup. (laugh)

Nocchi: What would you do if the person you like said, “I don’t want anyone but me to see you without make-up?”

A-chan: Is there such a person?  (laugh)

Kashiyuka: He might like it because he feels like seeing you without make-up is rare.

Nocchi: But if he starts to like you when you’re not wearing make-up, then it’s the real thing.

Kashiyuka: I guess so!  That’s true. 


-- “Natural ni Koi Shite” (“Love Naturally”) is the music for the “NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC” commercial.

Kashiyuka:  We talked about the commercial first, and from there Nakata Yasutaka-san wrote the song.  

--The contrast between the two songs is interesting.  In both, being able to live naturally is the number one form of happiness in love. 
Nocchi:  But there are many kinds of natural.  I act naturally around my family, but I also act naturally when I’m with Perfume.  If you can find this kind of naturalness, your partner will able to be with you indefinitely.

Kashiyuka:  “Natural” isn’t the same as “ordinary.” It’s an open attitude combined with being able to tenderly love each other. 
A-chan:  When you think about it that way, “natural” is deep.  (laugh) 

For your 10th anniversary, you want a year like performers!?

--This year is the 10th year since the group got together, and the 5th anniversary of your major debut.  What kind of year do you want it to be?

A-chan:  A year of being like performers!!

Nocchi:  In other words, this year we want to be on a lot of TV shows, release some music, and have a lot of chances to make a lot of appearances. (laugh)

Kashiyuka: It would be nice if we could release a lot of music. 
A-chan:  Doesn’t that depend on Nakata-san? (laugh)

--Has Nakata-san commented on any impressions of you, like on your live last year in Yokohama Arena? 
Kashiyuka:  According to the staff, he said something like “What great songs!” (laugh) 
A-chan: Ha ha ha.  “Was that me?” (laugh)

Kashiyuka:  I think he’s complimented us, including our stage.  I believe.  (laugh) 

--But I think he sees you in these lives and things and is encouraged by it, thinking “This time, let’s make this kind of song!”

A-chan:  Now that you mention it, “Negai” was also put on the album – he heard it at the Yoyogi live and said, “This is a good song,” and in 1 day wrote the album version for us.  Even though there were originally no plans to record it. We were very happy that we were able to touch his heart with our work from the first listen.  We leave the sound up to Nakata-san, but if we can transmit various things into other areas ourselves, it would be good to turn new things for Perfume into reality.  

Interview: Tanaka Dai

Photos: Kusakari Masayuki