GK wants YOU!...as an Anime Podcast Host

We've tried this before with little response but now it's time to get serious!


Gaijin Kanpai is looking to expand it's network of podcasts to include an Anime show. Do you like Anime? Can you gather your thoughts and speak intelligently? Can you dedicate a consistent block of time to doing a 30-40min podcast a week? Do you like dark humor and can take a joke?

Then please click to read more and let us know you want to do it! We already have someone who's willing to do it, so we'd like to get 1-2 more people to sign on.

Already have an Anime podcast you'd like to port over to GK? Let us know about that too!

Now, what are we offering, you ask?...

  • Free hosting for all episodes of your show including RSS feed for iTunes, Zune Store, etc
  • Free webpage on the Gaijin Kanpai site with the ability to blog and future plans for a forum
  • Free .com domain for your webpage that will redirect to its GK page (like DoramaClub.com)
  • Free email address for you (other members may cost extra) @YourWebsiteName.com
  • Free fan email address (fans@YourWebsiteName.com)
  • The ability to contribute ideas to the Gaijin Kanpai network of shows and sites
  • Unlimited FTP repository for you to store any japanese-related files you want
  • Unlimited FTP access to download from GK’s 2TB+ Jmusic video, concert and TV show library
  • 70% of any profits made from your show via advertising or donations
  • 100% of any profits made from merchandising (as long as all costs to sell merchandising come from you or your cohosts, otherwise a percentage will be worked out ahead of time)
  • Inclusion of any press events GK gets invited to or apply for (cons, concerts, etc)

Again, if you're interested please Email Us and we'll send you the list of requirements. Please join our happy family! KANPAI!