GO!GO!7188 Interview Translation Parts 3&4 of 4

Go!Go!7188 Interview translation at Gaijin Kanpai! J-pop J-rock Japanese music podcastThe band promoting "Tora no Ana 2"Original: Tower Records
Translator: Erin Grace

Part 3 – We thought it would turn out to be a very energetic album

--To go back to what we were saying in the beginning, whether because you played a song during a live, it feels as though all your work flows in the direction of performing at lives.

Akko: We’re always aware of this, but it always turns into a sort of far-off thing. (Laugh)  We create the kinds of songs we want to do in a live, but there’s this feeling like the work we actually make isn’t what we wanted, but this time we were able to express ourselves with all of the songs.  Of course, we express them in lives, thinking we want to give our best, but only now do we feel like we’ve come even a little close.

--Do you have any special stories about recording?

Akko: Do we?

Yuu: A pretty good one.  We recorded one song in the studio of Manabe from NEATBEATS.  Turkey is the guy singing.

--The extra song “365 Renkyuu Boogie.”  The tone quality of the song makes it seem like he got some vintage equipment ready at his studio. (Laugh)

Yuu: Manabe recorded, and let us use all his instruments, the vintage ones.  It’s the first time we’d played in those kinds of circumstances.

--Were you able to play guitars older than yourselves?

Yuu: Did we?

Akko: I’m not sure how old they were, but we were able to play a 1,500,000 yen (~$16,500USD) guitar.  I was like, “Really?  This one?” (Laugh)

Staff: This was a 1,500,000 yen (~$16,500USD) Esquire Custom made in ’63.

Yuu: Yeah, that’s it.  And, with the power of Manabe producing, we were like, “Is this really okay?” (Laugh)

--So then were you able to record with any of the vintage equipment?

Akko: With that song, we made it thinking we’d let Turkey sing.  This is also a series. (Laugh)  We played it, saying “A boogie, this time!” but we don’t have any roots in that, so it’s not really that good.  We were thinking that, then we unexpectedly came up with something at a NEATBEATS event.  We saw their live and it hit us: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to record at Manabe’s house?” we thought.  And, if Manabe lets us record, not necessarily producing, but if we record together, it seemed like the song would get a lot better.  And Manabe was interested, too.

--Any impressions on singing that kind of song?

Turkey: The mic, a mic with really good reception (laugh), and the feeling that this was out of the ordinary.

--Like it wasn’t your voice?

Turkey: Yeah.  When I came into the song, the pitch was all over the place, but I thought, “Ahh, but it’ll be okay in the mix.” (Laugh)  Even though I wondered if that was true, it really did sound fine in the mix.  “Because it’s cool to be a little outside myself,” I thought.

--What are you going to do onstage?

Turkey: Good question.  I think it’ll be normal by then, right? (Laugh)

--Anyway, did you choose the mouth on album jacket to mimic the Rolling Stones’ tongue logo?

Akko: The album title is “Go!!GO!GO!Go!!” and when we thought about things give us that feeling, we arrived at a screaming mouth.  So we asked to go with the mouth.

--Was Akko-san the model?

Akko: I don’t think it was me.  The teeth are… (Laugh)

--There’s also a meaning to the title, isn’t there?

Akko: It would be “Go!! Something Go!!” wouldn’t it?  We even tried a unicorn.  We were thinking that before we thought that if we did that with ourselves it would be “Go!!GO!GO!Go!!”  We just had words.  And while making this album, we thought that it would turn out to be a very energetic album.  When we thought about the title, these words smacked us, and we thought they’d make a great title.

--You added an intro to the album, but do you think this will become a staple of your live performances?

Akko: Hmm.  That would be interesting.  It’s fun to think about. 

The band promoting "569"Part 4 – The acoustic live that reaffirmed our musical composition

--Anyway, what are your thoughts on the acoustic lives you began playing in Kudan Kaikan in Chiyoda-ward on May 5th to celebrate the 10th anniversary since your debut?

Akko: That was a great experience.  I’m glad we did it.

--What was great about it?

Akko: First of all, I said I wanted to do acoustic, and we just thought, “Okay, how do we do this?”  (Laugh)  We aren’t producers, but everyone looking at the entirety of it contributed keyboards and strings and percussion and thing.  Anyway, we started out playing with a large number of people, and it really reaffirmed our songs.  Even till now, we’ve deconstructed the songs we’ve done at lives, and because we assembled them as acoustic work we had to look hard at the framework, and found places that we wanted to see.  It was really interesting.  It was good study.

--Did you change everything down to the feeling of the beat?

Yuu: We changed everything.  We feel we really devoted ourselves to the song, and that in itself was fresh.  We did songs in only string quartets, without playing any guitar.  It was extremely fresh.  Personally, this was my first time playing alone on an acoustic guitar.  When working with the strings, the various songs were fresh.  The songs we chose were difficult, and there were a lot of songs we wanted to play.

Akko: The songs that we played so greedily in the first and last half of our three-person lives had a lot of places where they didn’t rouse us when we played them acoustic.  Always in the middle of playing, it wasn’t the song, the melody was solid, but the tempo on slower songs changed a lot.  It was a good feeling.  That interpretation was also really fresh.

--Is it a hint of songs to come?

Akko: Maybe.

--Are you planning to also release an acoustic disc?

Akko: Recording?  I don’t know about that… (Laugh)  I played the acoustic bass.  It has slippery strings.  It was a very intense learning experience, like playing a totally different instrument (laugh), but it was fun.  Recording is tough. (Laugh)  But it was fun to play a live like we’re putting out a really great album.  We’re thinking of making a CD of live music.