Gaijin Kanpai Ep.072 - "Pancakes Everyday"

Hey everybody! Happy Sunday! What do you say we prelude your work or school week with some drunken giggles, pleasant music, and news about the man with the biggest package in j-pop? Yeah, I thought you'd say that.

072 - Pancakes Everyday
moumoon - SPARK
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So the first part of the contest is over now, no more sound clips will be played. If you're good at Name That Tune, listen to episodes 69, 70, and 71 and tell us the bands performing in the short sound clips you hear. Entries are accepted until August 7th, so send us your entries quick! Check out our Contest Details post for more info.

We're back to our usual CD review format this week, taking on moumoon's "SPARK" mini-album and the new Breakerz single. The episode you're listening to now is all neat & tidy, but if you'd like a glimpse of what gets cut out of the show (or if you'd just like to hang out with us) then head over to our uStream! We broadcast show recording live every Thursday at 7:30 PM Eastern time. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for schedule changes and updates.

And now, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls... NOTES!

- Top 5 Albums write-up on the site
- Moumoon interview translation, and JASMINE interview going on the site
- Contest entries due August 7th! Check our facebook for clues...
- Jaylee didn't get too drunk on his birthday so yay!

- Breakerz - gekijou/hEaVeN

- moumoon - SPARK

- Jaylee presents... the ORICON charts!! + Quick review of Hamasaki Ayumi's "MOON/blossom" by Zer0
- Uehara Azumi has been swindling lonely guys out of their money
- EXILE reviving J-Soul Brothers with new members... wtf?
- Akanishi Jin is no longer part of KAT-TUN! zOMG!

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- Tsuchiya Anna - Atashi

- Zer0 the lobster
- A "that's what she said" moment