Gaijin Kanpai Ep.074 - "Pop Rocks"

What do you get when you take JRock, Women, a 30th birthday, and a contest? Well this week you get a late Gaijin Kanpai episode that features a long talk about Women in JRock and the biased differences between Rock and Pop music!

074 - Pop Rocks
VAMPS - Beast
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We're already late enough with this episode so let's go through some notes, shall we?



Show News --

  • Contest is over. Game Show will be in 2 weeks
  • Moumoon "SPARK" Translation is up at the site
  • Expect a Kato Miliyah Translation this week

GKRT: Women in JRock --

  • High & Mighty Color
  • Maximum the Hormone
  • Dazzle Vision
  • SuperFly
  • Chatmonchy
  • Aya
  • ZONE (argh, they both even spell their band names in all caps...)
  • YUI
  • Exist Trace
  • Onmyouza

[Album Review] VAMPS - Beast 

News --



Single Review --

Album Review --

B-ROLL -- Getting Jaylee'd is something only Chuck Norris can get