Gaijin Kanpai Ep.080 - "Jaylee'd at Spencer's"

Jaylee gets Jaylee'd in this episode. Just gonna warn you now. That said, episode! Woohoo!

080 - Jaylee'd at Spencer's
Shakalabbits - Phasemeter Trippin' Bug Shake
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So what do you say we do some show notes, hm?


- GK PV Play went up a few days ago
- UVERworld and Angela Aki interviews going up this week
- GK Omake is on its 2nd episode, give them some support!
- We're switching podcast hosts, keep an eye out for changes & pardon our dust!
- LoKi's commentary on the Noanowa Live DVD

- BUCK-TICK - kuchizuke


- SHAKALABBITS - Phasemeter Trippin' Bug Shake

- Gaijin Kanpai! presents CHARTZZZ!!! starring Failee... I mean Jaylee
- avex halts Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun's activities (more details have emerged since the episode was recorded - tune in next week!! -Z.)
- Quickie: Utaban's cancellation
- Quickie: Anna Tsuchiya doing theme for Battle Royale 3-D re-release
- Quickie: Anzen Chitai concert fail
- Sony PSP gets a dating sim game based on AKB48 members
- Chihiro Onitsuka gets attacked, apparently by her asshole boyfriend

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- the brilliant green - BLACKOUT
- monobright - ame ni utaeba

- Gaijin Kanpai: Behind The Music
- Best beer bottle EVER
- Aaaannndd of course, Zer0's apparently a hoe with crotchless panties.