Editor Needed for GK - Paid!!

Hello Everybody!

I come to you today to recruit an editor for our show. I have been doing it since the beginning and I unfortunately no longer have the spare time to edit. This is a paying job that will net you $25/episode; which works out to ~$100/month. We record the podcast on Thursday nights and I'd require it to be finished editing by noon PST on Saturday.


The only requirements I have are for someone with GarageBand or comparable application experience, someone who is very on-time, and someone who has a passion to be a bit creative with their work. Liking Japanese music is obviously a plus, and one of the perks of working for us is almost-guaranteed press access to anime conventions.


I do have an episode that has not been edited yet that I will be using as a test of your skills. If I approve you, you will be paid for that episode as well. Payments will made by PayPal immediately after your final edit has been uploaded and reviewed by me. If you are at all interested, please email me at LoKi@JpopJrock.com (or the Contact link at the top of the site)