GK Dorama Club Ep.010 - "Freeter 01"

Well, we officially euthanized Juui Dolittle. It just wasn't meant to be. So while we won't be talking about Oguri Shun's awesome hair anymore, we will start talking about the VERY intense "Freeter, ie no kau" starring Kazunari Ninomiya from Arashi.

010 - Freeter 01
Freeter 01 / HYD 03
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And, of course, we're continuing with Episode 3 of Hana Yori Dango. 

We really hope you're enjoying GKDC, but if not, this episode is definitely our best as we shake things up a bit during our reviews. We still hope you've seen the episodes before listening to the show, but we do more discussing and less synopsisizing (which isn't a word, I know).

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