Moumoon "15 Doors" Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Oricon

We shaped the songs as we progressed forward

--From “EVERGREEN” and “Sunshine Girl” to “moonlight,” “15 Doors” is an album packed with the many different sides moumoon has expressed over the years.

Yuka: “EVERGREEN” is a somewhat heavy song, so I think the people who came in after that were surprised by “Sunshine Girl.” (laugh) But this time people are coming into the album through all kinds of “doors,” and I really want to see the surprised looks on all their faces when they see this line up.

Masaki: To do that, we included songs that we’ve done up until now as well as new songs and did our best with them. I think the album has a good feeling to it. (laugh)

--You’re focusing on moumoon, past, present, and future.

Y: Exactly. We shaped the songs as we progressed forward. This kind of “door” was open before now but we thought that we could show the same feeling through a new “door.” The symbols of this new door are the opening songs “15 Doors” and “Blue Rain,” that are packed with vigor and energy to encourage the listener to move forward. When the lyrics come into your ears, they chose what words they’re comfortable hearing. We’ve always placed importance on this, but especially with the new songs we want to give off a good feeling.

We threw out our old, unoriginal way of thinking to create freely

--Although one of moumoon’s defining characteristics was the good feeling that came from listening to you, I get the feeling that this became even more prominent after “Sunshine Girl.”

Y: Actually, since we released “Refrain,” the mini album before “Sunshine Girl,” we’ve been paying attention to the importance of working hard.

M: Since then we’ve had to do it like this, we threw out our old, unoriginal way of thinking to create freely.

Y: Because of that, I stopped putting too much power into my singing and into the performance. When I wrote lyrics I’d imagine whether the words would leave an impression if I sang them a certain way, and I’d sing while I was writing. But when I think about how I used to performance I just can’t help but think “Ugh.” But we’ve started taking it back a notch, and I think we’re better for it.

--Speaking of the way you sing, in the version of the CD that comes with the “clip DVD” is a compilation that includes your debut song “Flowers” and other early clips, and your facial expressions and the atmosphere of the music is very different. That was only five years ago, but you seem so much more grown up now. (laugh)

Y: Well said. (laugh) I’m sure I’d think the same if I saw it.

M: Our facial expressions were colder back then. With “Flowers,” that was the first time we’d been photographed for the band and we took them like that, not knowing any better, because we thought it was so important for us.

Y: On top of that, the shoot was done in one sitting and we were told that we couldn’t screw up. We were nervous and they had to retake the picture about 10 times.

--In the past you’ve also included a digest of live images in these kinds of clip compilations.

Y: This is embarrassing, and I was kind of shy about it. (laugh) But when I think about everything, from the time that moumoon formed and debuted all the way up to now, I’m so touched. I’m hoping that even people who don’t know about moumoon will see these images and feel the grand scale of our lives. (laugh) So it would make me happy if people knew about this.

(Interview: Wakamatsu Masako)