GK Dorama Club Ep.013 - "Unko Shimatta"

It may seem like we're a bi-weekly podcast, but I swear we plan to release EVERY week! Colette was at the biggest geek party of the year, SXSW, and tells us a bit about the Japanese presence there.

013 - Unko Shimatta
Freeter 04 / HYD 06
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After our lovely introductions we get to the heart of the matter: Freeter and Hana Yori Dango! Freeter remains a solid, well-acted drama while HYD seems to lose a bit of its shine as far as LoKi is concerned...but Matsuda Shota is still a badass!

After this week's episode reviews, we dive into some abbreviated ratings and then talk a tiny bit about the earthquake/tsunami. Don't forget to DONATE!