Gaijin Kanpai Ep.103 - Embrace the Face

Welcome to another week of awesomeness, brought to you by the badassest J-music review team there ever shall be! Raise your arms and cheer with me, friends!!

103 - Embrace the Face
Alice NIne - Gemini
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So this week we're gonna give you the preliminary results of the Favorite GK Moment/Quiz Show contest. The winners, who sent our favorite GK moment stories, will be represented by Jaylee and LoKi in a special quiz show episode next week, so be sure not to miss that!

Be sure to head to our uStream channel every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM Eastern, 4:30 Pacific to catch the show recording live every week! Chat with other fans, listen to us mess up, and hear stuff you don't get to hear in the full show! Watch our Facebook and @GaijinKanpai on Twitter for updates on recordings, including reschedulings, delays, and issues. They don't happen that often, but hey - you just never know.

Let's see, we've done passing notes in class, musical notes, death notes... Ohh! Here are the SHOW NOTES. See, that's creative, right?

- It's pronounced "One Oak Rock", not "One Okay Rock," apologies for our fail!
- AAA interview from Utanet translated at, PV Play coming soon
- Galileo Galilei article is up too :)
- The two prelim winners for the GK contest announced - quiz show next week!

 Opening: Stereopony - It's a Wild World

 LoKi: SCANDAL - Pride
 Erin: Rie fu - Come On Come On
 Zer0: Tsubaki - hakuchuumu (DAY DREAM)
 Jaylee: Amuro Namie feat. After School - Make it happen

[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)

[SINGLE REVIEW]: Hilcrhyme - okubyo na okami:
- okubyou na ookami
 - ibuki
[ALBUM REVIEW]:  Alice nine. - Gemini:
 - GEMINI-0-eternal
 - GEMINI-II-the luv

- Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaarrts! Jaylee tells us what's up
- Johnny's Entertainment lifts ban on online photos
- Kishidan Nazi Outfit Controversy
- Mizushima Hiro writing & starring in 15-minute GIRL NEXT DOOR PV
- ONE OK ROCK tour to feature Perfume
- SAYAKA coming back to music after 6-year hiatus
- Zer0's mic dies!! :(

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- Zer0 presents J-Music Wheel Of Jeopardy!