Gaijin Kanpai Ep.111 - "Pop Culture Pansy"

And next, the two original hosts of Gaijin Kanpai regale us with their famous banter and drunkenness.

Oooh, get 'em! Whoops!
I've got your number, Tackey
You couldn't afford me, dear... two... three.
I'd scratch your eyes out.
Don't do Kobukuro stuff with us, dear.
We all know where you've been, you pop culture pansy!
Whoops, don't look now, girls!
Kojiharu just paintballed
With that rainbow-colored Chara...two...three, ooh-ho!

The uStream was lively as usual, so be sure to join us at 7:30 PM Eastern time on Wednesday evenings and be a part of something larger than yourself.

111 - Pop Culture Pansy
CHARA - Dark Candy
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And now for something completely different. Show notes.



- NICO Interview Translation by Erin
- No Jaylee this week :(

 Opening: Stereopony - It's a Wild World

 LoKi:    Amuro Namie - Wonder Woman (feat Anna Tsuchiya & AI)
 Jaylee: Kuroki Meisa - One More Drama
 Zer0:   B'z - Dawn Runner
 Erin:    Salyu x Salyu - Sailing Days

[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)

[SINGLE REVIEW]:  Kobukuro - Ano Taiyo ga...:
 - ano taiyo ga, kono sekai wo terashisudzukeru yoni
 - [12:07] silhouette

[ALBUM REVIEW]:   CHARA - Dark Candy:
 - Dark Candy
 - [17:01] Naive to Innocence

- Hamasaki Ayumi sets record for number of albums on the chart at once
- B'z sell over 35million singles
- Ayu's albums available on US iTunes
- Kylie Minogue collabs with VERBAL. Releasing on US iTunes
- Kojima Haruna poses in ANAN
- FLOW performing at two Anime conventions
- Yoshiki's piano goes back up for sale (and is now sold)
- DIVA recruiting non-AKB48 members? 

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- [SINGLE]: Girls' Generation - Mr. Taxi / Run Devil Run
- [ALBUM]:  Girl Next Door - Distance