Gaijin Kanpai Ep.112 - "SNSDGNDELTDAT"

I like to think that says "snuggles dealt that." If you tried to read it otherwise, bless you!

Girl Next Door - Destination
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This week ALL THREE OF US (I know right) talk about the drawbacks and benefits of listening to GIRLS. That's right, GIRLS. Girls' Generation and Girl Next Door. Our fascinating examinations of the presence of the female in Japanese pop, her place in it, and how women have been empowered by.. um... and.. uh... sorry, I was looking at Tiffany's legs, what was I saying? o_O

If you weren't in the uStream you missed extra bitchy-catty-sexiness! So you should always try to be there, mmkay? We get together to spout off about the females of jpop (okay, the males too sometimes) at 7:30 Eastern time every Wednesday night. It is delightful, you really should check it out if you haven't yet.

...punch and pie. And show notes.


- TM Revolution Translation
- Girl Next Door Translation next week
- Jaylee weighs in on the Chara review from last week

 Opening: Stereopony - It's a Wild World

[GK-AA] Results:
 Zer0:   B'z - Dawn Runner [04:10]
 LoKi:    Amuro Namie - Wonder Woman (feat Anna Tsuchiya & AI) [05:24]
 Jaylee: Kuroki Meisa - One More Drama [06:22]
 Erin:    Salyu x Salyu - Sailing Days [10:15]

[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)

[SINGLE REVIEW]:  Girls' Generation - Mr Taxi / Run Devil Run:
 - [10:55] Mr Taxi
 - [14:25] Run Devil Run

[ALBUM REVIEW]:   Girl Next Door - Destination:
 - [22:28] Hajimari
 - [26:34] Freedom
 - [31:14] Yume no Katana
 - [35:12] Aitai Yoru

- Kawamura Ryuichi sets Guinness Record by singing 100 songs in 8hrs
- Songs for Japan album raises over $5million
- JYJ compound their legal troubles

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- [SINGLE]: Hirai Ken - Itoshiki Hibi yo
- [ALBUM]: Onitsuka Chihiro - Ken to Kaede