Gaijin Kanpai Archival Complete!

The great archival of classic GK episodes is now complete! You can go on over to our Episodes page and listen to every single show! Try not to judge us for how awful the first several where; we were new at this!

Suggested Listenings: 

GK 004 - Two Guys, A Girl, And A Podcast 
First podcast with LoKi, Zer0, and Jaylee!
GK 017 - Do The Podcast 
The most referenced episode of GK.
GK 089 - Koreans Just Wanna Dance!
Our first foray into K-Pop.
GK 106 - And I'll Form The Head
The first appearance of Erin (and an oft repeated joke).
GK 118 - Zer0 Loves AKB48
Where the love that dare not speak it's name is revealed.