Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 199 - Pair O'Crocs

So you won't slip on the green beer this weekend.


199 - Pair O'Crocs
Koda Kumi - Color the Cover | BoA - Only One 
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LoKi is in for some punishment in the penultimate episode of GK as we review Koda Kumi's second cover album! The crew gets pretty distracted and go off on quite a few tangents this episode but since we're ending the show in less than a week we doubt you'll mind. Make sure to join us on Saturday, March 16th and 7PM PST on ustream so we can all say goodbye to each other!




- GK will be concluding with episode 200
- GK#200 will be ustreamed at 7PM PST on 3.16!
- 18 weeks until Jaylee's birthday!
- What are you J-Doing? 
   - Erin found somebody who KNOWS us?
   - Jaylee enjoyed m-flo's NEVEN, is addicted to Fairy Tail and finds Ni no Kuni to be lovely.
   - Zer0 plans on having a big J-doing next episode. 
   - LoKi sings crunchyroll's praises and suggest the bands Nothing Carved in Stone and Man With A Mission. 


 Opening: Kimura Kaela - Mamireru

 Closing: Crystal Kay - Never Say Goodbye


[GK-AA] Picks (still):
 - Erin : Sakanaction - Rookie
 - Jaylee : Galileo Galilei - Boku Kara Kimi e
 - LoKi : AKB48 - Beginner
 - Zer0 : Perfume - Natural ni Koishite 

[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)


 - [15:45] Only One
 - [19:23] The Shadow


[ALBUM REVIEW]: Koda Kumi - Color the Cover
 - [25:48] Pink Spider
 - [29:21] Lovely
 - [35:13] Blue Velvet
 - [39:04] Dou ni mo Tomaranai
 - [41:31] Uta wa Wa ga Inochi 



- AKB48 nude photos AKA Jaylee's (hopefully) final fuck-up.
- AI isn't a lesbian?
- ZONE haven't broken up already? Well now they REALLY have.
- Voice actor of Zenigata from Lupin III passed away.
- Donald Richie passed away.


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