Gaijin Kanpai Ep.108 - "Betoost"

In this swan-song episode before Zer0 makes her return, Erin once again joins us to spread her special brand of joy with Jaylee and LoKi. It's been great having her and MellowB on, but it will feel good to get the gang back together again next week!

108 - Betoost
Rip Slyme - STAR
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We got a late start recording so we didn't do a uStream. Also, we had some audio problems so our voices may sound a bit "internet-y". Of course all of that is made up for by fantastic content ^_^v


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GUEST REVIEW: Mienai on Gackt's Re:Born

Buy on HMVAfter 4 years without a new original album (2007's 0079-0088 was a Gundam cover album, and 2009's Slo-Pachinko Gladiator Evolution Original Soundtrack was just that -- a soundtrack), GACKT has returned with a new album entry in the ЯR (Requiem et Reminiscence) Project, RE:BORN. But does RE:BORN stand tall, or does it fall on its face?
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