Live Report: Haruna Luna & Eir Aoi at Sakura-Con 2013

Written by Erin & Jaylee

Kind thanks to Imran Ismail from Cosplay Victoria for the photos used in this article.

As short instrumental selections introduced both of the artists performing at Sakura-Con on the concert hall’s main screen, cheers gave way to shouts of excitement when Haruna Luna and Eir Aoi took the stage together. A stillness came over the crowd as both artists stood in position while the introduction to the Madoka Magica opening theme, “Connect,” played. It only took a few short syllables sung in unison before the crowd burst into applause. The two artists worked great together, foreshadowing their performance styles: Eir with her magnetic personality and Haruna with her refined and nuanced movement.
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B'z Live Gym -Into Free- Live Report

B’z is one hell of a big deal. They’re the best-selling artists in Japan, and in the top 100 best-selling artists in the world. They were the first band from Asia to have their handprints and signatures added to the RockWalk in Hollywood. They’ve held 9 of the top 10 Oricon spots in a single week, and have the most #1’s of any band.


B’z is one hell of a big deal.


When I arrived at Showbox SoDo, this was all that I could keep in my head. Their legendary status, the hugeness of these rock heros that would come on stage in just a few hours. The crowd hummed and vibrated, whispering and laughing nervously like teenagers prepping for a first date.


The excitement was intense, but perhaps misplaced my expectations. Although the show was good - one of the best I’ve been to - it would have been better if it hadn’t taken so long to get it’s steam up.


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