Introducing "GK SqueezePlay". Available NOW!

Gaijin Kanpai! GK Squeeze Play Podcast - reviews of Jpop Jrock J-music digital releases available in AmericaAs Gaijin Kanpai shifts more and more into being the best place for fans of Asian Entertainment to get their podcast on, we will be announcing new podcasts in the coming months to fill whatever gaps we see in the community.

The first of those podcasts is "GK SqueezePlay" and it's available now!

GKSP serves as the bite-size version of Gaijin Kanpai. An appetizer, if you will. 3-4 times a month, GKSP will release a review of a JPOP/JROCK single or album that is available on American digital download services such as iTunes.

The reviews consist of one of the members of the GK staff giving their review constrained to the playtime of one song off the release. At the website will also be a summary of the release complete with a Like/Dislike rundown and track ratings. 

The launch of GKSP has 4 reviews already up for you: Kalafina - Seventh Heaven, Sakanaction - kikUUiki, MUCC - Freesia, and D'espairsRay - Redeemer.

Please subscribe now or visit and let us know what you think! Also, you just gotta love what Zer0 did to our beloved Sake Grenade for the album art. 

Chatmonchy "Expressions" on US iTunes

Chatmonchy - Expressions b-side collection album available at iTunes USA - News from Gaijin Kanpai! Jpop Jrock Jmusic podcastRock-Pop trio "Chatmonchy" recently toured the US at SXSW as well as making stops in NYC, San Francisco and LA. It was the best concert I've ever been to. Seeing a band of this calibre on a stage so small it shouldn't even be classified as a stage was the very definition of awesome. Not only that, but these girls are fantastic performers.

Hopefully I don't have to tell you much about Chatmonchy to get you aquainted. If you listen to us, you know Chatmonchy. What you might not know is that they have 3 albums on the US iTunes Store. And guess what? Now they have a fourth!

"Expressions" is Chatmonchy's B-Side compilation which was released yesterday in Japan. Not to be outdone, and hopefully realizing the potential of these girls, Sony Music Independent has released the album digitally today in the USA!

This looks to be a solid album with tracks like "Bus Romance" and "Yuge".

19 songs in all AND available on iTunes?! What are you waiting for? SUPPORT GOOD JMUSIC IN AMERICA! 

Chatmonchy - "Expressions"
Japanese Release Date: 2010-05-24
US Release Date: 2010-05-25
Available on
iTunes for $9.99