Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 174 - Daijobu Dye-Job!

We would never charge you guys for GK*. While this isn’t the most sound financial decision, the crew has finally come up with the perfect way to recuperate costs: writing AKB48 songs. That’s right, with our years of Japanese music experience we think we have the chops to crank out the idol hits. The first bright-eyed smash we have under our belts? “Daijobu Dye-Job!”


174 - Daijobu Dye-Job!
ACE OF SPADES - WILD TRIBE| AAA - 777 -Triple Seven-

This week we review the latest album from Avex’s favorite co-ed bubblegum group, AAA. We also check out the debut single of ACE OF SPADES, a pop-rock. . . supergroup? Overall it’s a pretty fun episode filled with plenty of mind-expanding diatribes for our listeners to commiserate with.

 *Unless at some point we do, in which case these episode notes will be struck from the record. XOXO


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