Haruna Luna Interview at Sakura-Con

After an energetic performance and an extended autograph session the night prior, up-and-coming anison artist Haruna Luna sat at the head of the table to a round of applause from the press. While one might expect the jet lag and exhaustion from the trip to have taken a toll on the artist who debuted less than a year ago, Haruna impressed the panel with her engaging conversation while still serving up her trademark refined Goth-Loli style.


Kind thanks to Imran Ismail from Cosplay Victoria for the photos used in this article.


Q: Last night at your concert, a lot of people seemed to enjoy the Madoka Magica opening song, your collaboration with Eir Aoi. What made you pick the songs you sang last night and would you consider doing more collaborations in the future?


Haruna Luna: I really like collaborations. There’s a big difference between when you sing by yourself and when you sing with different artists. It’s very stimulating. I learned a lot by being able to sing with other people, so it really energizes me and inspires [me].


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