Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 177 - God Bless The Cookies

God, I love cookies! I practically pray to the gods of butter and sugar every night before I go to bed. Wait, what do you mean 'not that kind of cookie?' We’re supposed to be talking about internet cookies? Made of 1s and 0s? Lame. But, hey! Without internet cookies I wouldn’t have received a birthday gift from the listeners (thanks again for that!).


177 - God Bless The Cookies
Ieiri Leo - Bless You | Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Landmark

This week we review a Japanese rock powerhouse: Asian Kung-Fu Generation. They’ve mastered producing, recording, and promoting live events. But can they master our hearts? Well you’ll only know if you listen to the episode all the way through, rank us on iTunes and like us on Facebook! MUAHAHAHA!

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