Gaijin Kanpai Ep.107 - "Men Without Hats"

Another week, another special guest on Gaijin Kanpai! This week we willkommen MellowB from the legendary Jpopsuki tracker site to form a tri-force of bromance.

107 - Men Without Hats
RADWIMPS - Zettai Zetsumei
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Get to know MellowB? We sure do...and then he drops some super mega truth bombs about RADWIMPS and humbly apologizes for the Seamo single not being on Jpopsuki's not out yet!


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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.086 "Tatsurou is Dead"

So apparently Halloween is coming up...?

086 - Tatsurou is Dead
MUCC - Karma
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Don't forget to come knocking on the door of our uStream on our new night, Tuesdays, and at our same time, about 7:45 Eastern! Chat with us, listen to our mistakes, possibly even contribute to the show a li'l bit! There's soooo much that you miss if you don't come in. Seriously. Everybody who's anybody comes in the chat room for at least a few minutes. It's full of awesome! ...We have candy!*

Anyway, it's time to drop some notes into your pillowcase!

*GK hosts may or may not actually have candy.

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