Testsuya "COME ON!" Interview Translation

Original: Excite!

--You include a huge number of famous songs, but there’s still a lot of variety in this album.

Tetsuya: That’s precisely what I was going for. The people who’ve listened to it say that it’s a great album with nothing for them to get tired of. I was trying to present a variety of my work.

--When did you come up with the concept for this album?

T: About a year ago. It was around the same time was I was re-branding my name to “TETSUYA.” It was only completed a few mornings ago. To be honest, that day was the death anniversary of someone who was important to my name change. That coincidence felt a little like fate. So this is an album that faces the future, and that conveys a sense of pride.

--It has ups and downs, it has flow, and it’s cinematic.

T: I heard that from the people who were around for the last half of recording, too. They said that the songs seem to have the 4 elements universal to a Disney movie; the 4 elements that have to make an appearance. The first is “love.” That includes lovers, family, and other meanings of the word. Second is “life,” the act of living. That includes “nature.” The third is “death.” This is mourning over a deceased person, or the fear of death. And finally, the fourth is “war,” which Japanese people don’t understand very well. A war to recover something that was lost, or a war to protect the people you love. People told me that this album has all four of those elements.

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