JASMINE - GOLD Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Uta-Net

“The shine of the only one that doesn’t fade!” 

We’re speaking with JASMINE, who released her stunning debut single last year, the impactful “sad to say,” full of real and creatively expressed lyrics as well as intense visuals.  It’s been a year since her debut, and she’s finally completed her first album! 

The title is “GOLD.”   The album compiles all her single titles, from “sad to say” to her most recent single: the masterpiece ballad “Dreamin’.”  With strong lyrics like “Light shining, not decaying/The value doesn’t change,” this will be a masterpiece album to represent 2010! 

“Since my debut I’ve had a sense of ‘writing lyrics...’” 

--First of all, tell us about the origin of your name.

J: My real name is “Asumi,” but when I was in middle school my friends called me “Asumin.” I hated “Asumin,” but I thought, “Well I like ‘Jasmine’ [Jasumin].” (laugh) After I began to sing in clubs, I made my stage name “JASMINE.”

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