GENERATIONS "ANIMAL" Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Oricon


-- I was shocked by how cool the music video for your 1st Single, “BRAVE IT OUT,” was and was more shocked when “ANIMAL” actually trumped it! The dance portion isn’t fragmented at all.

Kazuhara Ryuto: Because it feels like it’s speeding up, this song has a lot of force to it.

Komori Hayato: As the sensation of speed and expansion became important we disregarded the previous roles the members of the group filled. The members thought about how the taste of the composition fits with the instinctual theme and gives the song an image of acceleration.

Kazuhara: For us performers, it was trial and error. We made a composition to make the vocals stand out. During the interlude we kind of spin around and around; it was my favorite part.

--Your personalities had more of a chance to stand out this time. Nakatsuka’s dance moves are particularly interesting; it looks like you’re having a lot of fun.

Nakatsuka Yuta: I try to be aware of myself and how much I enjoy dancing. I always study how I move.

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