Jaylee's Top 10 Ballads of 2012

The time has come again for another one of my fabulous lists of the best ballads of the year! Valentine’s Day is upon us, and though I hate to put a dampener on it, I have to remind you all that the podcast will be breaking up with you after episode 200. It’s not you, it’s us. So let’s get messy drunk, blast some tear-jerking love songs and gorge on ice cream to celebrate another year of Japan’s favorite genre, the ballad.
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Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 187 - Straight As GACKT

Queer as a 472 year old bill?


187 - Straight As GACKT
Girls' Generation - GIRLS' GENERATION II ~Girls & Peace~
 Miliyah Kato - TRUE LOVERS 

Download: [MP3]


We bring the boys out with our latest flower powered episode of GK! We review Miliyah Kato's latest album "True Lovers." But wait— there's more! Call now and you also recieve an additional review of Girls' Generation's second Japanese album at no additional charge!


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