Exclusive "JAPONICANA" Interview with Jin Akanishi

Image Credits: Johnny & AssociatesLongtime listeners of the show know that I have a thing for Jin Akanishi. He’s one of my favorite artists in Japan due to his extensive skill in Dancing, singing and acting. When I heard about his debut in the US I was ecstatic. Knowing how strong a handle Jin has on the language would easily undercut the many difficulties most Asian artists have in crossing over to America. Japanese and American fans alike have high hopes for Jin to debut in the US as a breakout artist and who can blame them? He’s already had millions of views on his official Youtube channel and has hit the #1 spot on the iTunes dance chart with both lead-in singles for his debut album “JAPONICANA.” Admittedly equal parts nervous and excited when I called in for my interview with the man himself I soon found myself relaxed by his cool head and down to Earth nature. In the interview we discuss his separation from the group KAT-TUN, different approaches to music making and all about “JAPONICANA.”


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VAMPS MTViggy Interview

HYDE and KAZ gave this (subtitled) interview, posted yesterday, the day before their opening gig in New York City for MTViggy. They discuss differences between American and Japanese music, expectations for their concert and.....OMGWTF WHEN DID HYDE GET NEW TATTOOS ON HIS ARMS???!!! Why wasn't I notifed? Someone's getting fired....

If you go to the main page for MTViggy Japan, There are some other VAMPS interviews as well as other subtitled JMusic kick-assery. Who knew, MTV, who knew...

VAMPS Interview via MTViggy