A Week Later: 10-Feet "Life is Sweet"

it's sweeter than I thoughtWe reviewed 10-Feet's newest album "Life is Sweet" in episode 32 to a very mediocre concensus. I liked it, but didn't think it was anything special, Zer0 felt pretty much the same way and Jaylee went on record saying he has no interest in hearing more from them.

I decided to revisit reviewing this album after having it on heavy rotation in my list of new songs and I feel it deserves more than we gave it. I was surprised to find out that they've been around since 2001 (more noteably since 2004) and even did a collaboration album with the likes of KJ from Dragon Ash as well as Minmi. A good write-up of their background can be found here at JaME World.

So the question I seek to answer is, "Did Gaijin Kanpai give this album the review it deserves"? Let's dig in...

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