LAMA "Spell" Exclusive Interview Translations

Source: Excite

--[Furukawa] Miki, you were the impetus for the LAMA’s formation.

Furkawa: You say that, but it wasn’t that cut-and-dried. (laugh) In the very beginning I was looking for a guitarist. I had been solo, and up to that point I didn’t know of a guitarist that made music as good as Nakako [Nakamura Koji, aka iLL], so I thought it would be great if I could get someone like him. Essentially, my number one requirement was someone who could do really cool feedback, and for whatever reason [Tabuchi] Hisako came to mind, so I thought, “If I could get together with her, I wouldn’t do solo work; I’d start a new project.” So while I was thinking about my solo work in a different light, I reached out to her and asked if we could do something together.

--Did you and Hisako know one another before that?

F: We actually hadn’t had the chance to meet. So even though I went to meet her, to an extent I was thinking that I needed to to whatever I could for my proposal. I’d already decided that my solo work would be too obscure, so I went for a direct meeting with her.

Tabuchi: When I was in Number Girl I actually caught sight of Miki once during a festival, and I thought “She’s pretty cute,” but I didn’t even say “Hello,” so my heart was pounding.

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