Gaijin Kanpai Ep.135 - "More Bitches On Set!"

The GK hosts are pimp and deserve no less than 10,000 fine-looking women in their presence at all times.

135 - More Bitches On Set!
Maki Goto - aikotoba (VOICE)
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This episode features quite possibly the closest AA results ever, a micro-review of Jin Akanishi's US debut, and our usual review segments. This week features Hello!Project alum Maki Goto's solo album "ai kotoba (VOICE)" and Shiina Ringo's new single, "CARNATION." Expect plenty of fangirl and fanboy behavior from Zer0 and Jaylee, and plenty of drunkenness from LoKi. Fun times indeed!

Oh did I mention the uStream? Cuz the uStream is AWESOME. We got some folks in there that we haven't seen in awhile last night, and it was MAGICAL! Join us on Thursday nights at 10:30 PM Eastern/7:30 PM Pacific. It is always delightful, and just think of all the hilarious drunken moments you might be missing otherwise!


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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.127 - "There are Coconuts Involved"

...And they are big, round, and useful for pretending you're riding a horse.

127 - There are Coconuts Involved
Sowelu - Let Me... / Hamasaki Ayumi - fiVe
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It's finally time for the next episode of Gaijin Kanpai! Hooray! Sorry for the delay, but LoKi's still getting situated in his new living conditions. Getting his stuff moved over to a new place, setting up the internet connection, moving things like furniture, I mean there's alot involved in moving! He has a ton of things to do!! HE'S ONLY ONE MAN! WHY DO YOU DEMAND SO MUCH OF HIM!?!?


The single reviews, for Kuroyume's "heavenly" and 4minutes "Heart 2 Heart", will be superquick this week. Why? Because we're reviewing not one but TWO mini-albums released recently! So if you wanna know what we thought of Sowelu's "Let me..." and Ayumi Hamasaki's "FIVE," listen on, friends!*

*GK will not be held liable for any brain hemorrhaging that occurs as a result of listening to Zer0 fangirl out over Ayumi Hamasaki. Thank you.

Notes will appear when you click on "Click to read more ...". If you have already clicked and can see the notes, disregard this message.

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