Gaijin Kanpai! Ep.085 "We're Contagious!"

Now if one of us is sick, one can take a week off and the show can still go on. When we're ALL sick, however... we tough it out and give our fans what they want! That's right, the sniffles.

085 - We're Contagious
GLAY - Glay
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That's right, guys, because we love you, we trudged through the trenches of sneezing & congestion and appeared on our uStream as usual. Appreciate our efforts! Head on over on Tuesday nights at about 7:30 Eastern and join us as we record the show. Listen to every sound that gets cut out of the finished show, chat with us, contribute your opinion, and enjoy!

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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.083 - "Goober Music"

Ladies & gentlemen, may we present... our final Sunday release episode of Gaijin Kanpai!

083 - Goober Music
RSP - ii
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iTunes/M4A] | [MP3]

Final Sunday release? Whatever could that mean? Well kids, we'll no longer be recording on Thursday and releasing on Sunday. Due to scheduling conflicts, we've moved our recording night to Tuesday and from now on new episodes will be released every Friday. So if you've never been able to join the uStream before, maybe now you have a chance! Feel free to come and chat with us every Tuesday night at about 7:30 Eastern and listen to us record the show.

Apologies for Zer0's audio this week. Her webcam and headset are from the same manufacturer and she wasn't paying enough attention in the control panel...

So you probably want notes then, huh? Well today's your lucky day, friends!

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