Gaijin Kanpai Ep.147 - "Thank You For Your Everything"

Just as we go on a high, we get our legs taken out from underneath us.


147 - Thank You For Your Everything
Kuroki Meisa - UNLOCKED
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In what will probably go down as one of our best episodes to date, Zer0 makes an earth-shattering announcement at the end. It's going to be a tough couple of weeks as Jaylee and I step up our game, but we promise to remain top-notch! 


Switching gears, one of the many highlights of the week has definitely been the response to our Jin Akanishi interview. Thank you very much to everyone who read it and supports us, and also a huge thank you to Plan C Agency who have been incredibly generous with helping us out! 


Now let's get to why you're here. Is Dream Morning Musume more than just a desperate attempt at former glory? What do we think of Kuroki Meisa's last release before getting married and dealing with her "health issues" ::coughbabycough::? I really think you should listen to this incredible episode.


Beware of 'meekrob' bees.....and Notes!

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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.118 - "Zer0 Loves AKB48"

We could have named this show "poop" or something classy like that, but instead we went with Zer0 being in love with another girl group. Because ha-ha, that's why.

118 - Zer0 Loves AKB48
AKB48 - koko ni ita koto
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This week, we lack Jaylee, as he has recently graduated! Congratulations to him! So this week it's Zer0, LoKi, and Erin having respective identity crises over this week's album review.

We missed our usual uStream recording time on Wednesday due to the extremely important Stanley Cup final. Now that Hockey Season is over, we can pretty much guarantee that the uStream will be on Wednesdays in the future, so join us at 7:45-ish Eastern time for food, folks, and fun. But you'll have to bring your own food. Or beer, that's even better. Especially if you have enough for everyone.


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