SSTV Music Video Awards Picks

Each year the folks at Space Shower TV select the best PVs of the past year to recognize and present with awards; I've been given the task of watching all five insane hours of PVs to give you my thoughts. As I watched these PVs, I formed my opinions around four categories: the video I think should win, the video I think will actually win, best song, and "WTF was this nominated?”. Follow along as I geek out, question the nominators' taste, and get to know some of the very best PVs of 2010. 
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GK PV Play: Stars and Sparkles Edition

Nothing says "Summer dance tune" like . . . This.Many music videos come out every month in Japan to promote the latest single or album coming out. Though we often talk about the music videos that accompany the music we review, some PVs slip through the cracks. This week we task our lovely writer with the difficult job of reviewing some of the recent vids to make their way all the way from Japan to our computer screens in the US.

This installment’s featured  PVs:

Sayuri Sugawara - Sunao ni Naranakute
ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - Maigo Ino to Ame no Beat
Sid - Rain
Kuroki Meisa - 5-FIVE

Written by Erin Grace

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