Galileo Galilei "Parade" Interview Translation

Original: Excite

--We’re very interested to hear about your winning the “Senkou Riot 2008” Gran Prix prize, worth 1 million yen (~$12,000). (laugh) That’s $3000 per person. What do you plan to do with it?

Yuuki: Get new instruments. When we went into the contest, I was playing a $120 guitar. I’ve upgraded it to a $1200 one. The sound, the way it plays... Everything about it is different. (laugh)

Kazuki: And on top of that, my brother [Yuuki] stole my prize money and bought an effector. (laugh) I just bought a $725 snare.

Sakou: I bought a nice bass.

Iwai: I wasn’t in the band at that point.

--So when you were finally able to get your hands on the instruments you’d always dreamed of, did your passion for the band grow?

Y: It did. We all began to feel that the band was a priority.

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