Interview with Brent Bergholm from Hsu-Nami

While Gaijin Kanpai was covering Sakura-con we had the opportunity to speak with Brent Bergholm of "Hsu-Nami," an asian fusion prog-rock band that utilizes the traditional chinese erhu. Listen to the interview below or hit the jump for transcript and band info!

Download: [iTunes/M4A] | [MP3]

Interview conducted on April 3rd, 2010.

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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.056 - "Like A Furr-gin"

OMG LoKi is doing the show notes! I'm currently sitting at the airport bar in Seattle after having an awesome weekend at Sakura Con with Zer0 and Jaylee..but that show's next week...

056 - "Like a Furr-gin"
D - Kaze ga Mekuru PAGE / ICONIQ - Change Myself
Downloads: [
iTunes/M4A] | [MP3]

This week we give you D and ICONIQ in all their glory as well as our witty banter which is in full form. ENJOY! WE LOVE YOU!

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