Gaijin Kanpai Ep.086 "Tatsurou is Dead"

So apparently Halloween is coming up...?

086 - Tatsurou is Dead
MUCC - Karma
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Don't forget to come knocking on the door of our uStream on our new night, Tuesdays, and at our same time, about 7:45 Eastern! Chat with us, listen to our mistakes, possibly even contribute to the show a li'l bit! There's soooo much that you miss if you don't come in. Seriously. Everybody who's anybody comes in the chat room for at least a few minutes. It's full of awesome! ...We have candy!*

Anyway, it's time to drop some notes into your pillowcase!

*GK hosts may or may not actually have candy.

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Interview with Brent Bergholm from Hsu-Nami

While Gaijin Kanpai was covering Sakura-con we had the opportunity to speak with Brent Bergholm of "Hsu-Nami," an asian fusion prog-rock band that utilizes the traditional chinese erhu. Listen to the interview below or hit the jump for transcript and band info!

Download: [iTunes/M4A] | [MP3]

Interview conducted on April 3rd, 2010.

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