Crystal Kay "Spin The Music" Interview Trans.

Original: Excite

--Last year marked the end of 10 years as a professional singer, and this year you’re breaking into your 11th year.  Has the way you think about music changed at all?

Crystal Kay: Up to now, I’ve gone through periods where I think “I’ll try this,” or “I’ll try that,” and every time I make  new album, I have this feeling of wanting to create something new.  I’ve discovered that when I do that, I take elements from various kinds of music and add them into my style.  When I encountered a new style, I found new elements to incorporate into my own sound.  But this is my first album since my 10th anniversary, so there I didn’t have a feeling of tension.  I make the best use of the sound I’ve created up until now, and I’ve really been thinking about how from now on I have to center the work around making the music that I, and no one else, can create.

--And that’s how “Spin the Music”  began.

C: That’s right.  I’m not trying to create something “new,” I’m trying to create a “base.” Of course, when I thought of that, my second thought was “What does that mean?” and at first I was worried.  But I thought about it, and the result was a sound that allows the listener to hear more of my voice and pushes forward the parts that had been more internal.  I focused on this and wrote a lot of lyrics for this album, and I was also very particular about the sound.  That is, there’s a lot of variation, but I think there’s also consistency.

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