Nakashima Mika "STAR" Exclusive Interview Trans.

Original: Excite

--So why did you decide on “STAR” as the title?

Nakashima Mika: These past several years, the amount of talk about me being a “star” has increased.  My producer noticed this as well, and we talked it over and decided on this title.  I’m not trying to say “Yeah, look at me, I’m such a huge star!” but rather I’m acknowledging my awareness of performing for the public.

--Were you not really aware of it before?

N: No, not really…  Of course, I felt that not giving it everything I’ve got would disrespect the people who listen to my CDs and come to my lives.

--So even during each of your lives, you say to yourself “I’m going to put everything I’ve got into singing these songs?”

N: Well, everything except actually saying it, but I really do my best.  Still, I’ve never thought that I’d go on performing live forever.  I don’t usually think about how it was when I first debuted (laugh), but I was always thinking about the next audition.

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