Straightener "STOUT" Review

“STOUT” is Straightener’s lastest album, released on January 12th.

I’ve got to level with you: this is my very first Straightener album. I can’t pretend to know anything about them or their discography. I can’t fawn over any recurring motifs in their music or wax nostalgic about previous songs. Until last week, the only thing about knew about Straightener was their name. This album has had to stand on its own two feet for this review.

That said, I’ve come out of the album with one big question: Straightener, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! This is The Band I’ve been waiting for. Well, maybe it’s The Album I’ve been waiting for (since, you know, “STOUT” is all I know of them). “STOUT” delivers true, solid rock. It doesn’t try to act any more highbrow than it is. It doesn’t try to make itself something else. It doesn’t wander away and bring back random adjectives that would only dilute it’s sound. This is no frills rock at it’s best.

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