Gaijin Kanpai Ep.157 - "Kamen Kanpai"

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157 - Kamen Kanpai
GK Game Show!


I love Game Show week on GK. The problem is that prepping for them is a pain in the arse. Researching. Drawing up a game board. Figuring out points. Me being horrible at the actual games. These are things I like to avoid, AND AVOID THEM I HAVE! Thanks to "Kamen Kanpai", I don't need to prepare a damn thing! Pick a Japanese celebrity, bring up their wikipedia page and then treat the contestant as if they are them until they figure out who they are. Genius! I had a blast playing it and, if you guys like it, it's something we can do fairly often in place of a single review since it's so easy to put together. Let us know in the comments!


I want to apologize to the faithful listeners who come to the uStream. "Kamen Kanpai" works great on the uStream, but whether it was my internet or uStream being sucky, it didn't go too smoothly. Hopefully next week will be back to normal!


"Well, when you're the guy who presents the Notes..."

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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.096 - "BatFish"

So Jaylee got sick. Zer0 got sick too but the virus was kind enough to leave in time for the show! So this week is GK's O.G.'s kickin' it old school.

096 - BatFish
TETSUYA - Come On!
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Can you handle the awesome? Well, if you can, we'd love to see you in the uStream at 7:45 PM Eastern Time every Wednesday! :) It's full of crazy in there, full of fun, full of laughs, and full of embarrassing mistakes. The joy! We want to share it!

But this episode... if any more is said here, too much will be given away. :) Listen to it!!

Anyway, notes are here!

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