GK's Top 5 Albums of 2010!

Have you all forgotten about 2010 already? We sure haven't! 

On Gaijin Kanpai Episode 95, we ran down our individual lists for our Top 5 Singles and Albums of 2010. We promised you a write-up of our albums list and here it is! 

While NoaNowa's "Magical Circus" collectively won our hearts as the #1 album of 2010 for GK, there were also so many other great releases that we just have to talk about them and share with you!

Starting with Zer0, then Jaylee, and ending with LoKi, hit the jump to read our Top 5 Albums list and hopefully we'll inspire you to give them a shot!

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Jaylee's Top Five Albums

When I started this list I knew which artists would be on it, but I didn't have enough time to think out which albums really deserved to be listed. I've taken some time since the podcast (I originally threw my list together in a little under half an hour) and swapped out a few of the albums for others that are better reflections of my taste. So, here it is: my five favorite albums, in no particular order.

Onitsuka Chihiro - INSOMNIA


m-flo - EXPO EXPO

Bonnie Pink - Golden Tears

the brilliant green - the brilliant green


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