Gaijin Kanpai Ep.158 - "You Love My Diction"

And that's all you love about me. You're quite shallow.


158 - You Love My Diction
MEG - La Japonaise | S/mileage - Dot Bikini


One of these days we'll finally figure out Erin's audio and GK will sound as good as it did last week. Until then, enjoy over-modulated Erin. Sorry about that. All the more reason to join the uStream, amiright? 


So this week we're reviewing a weird one from MEG. It's an Anime (ah-knee-may) song cover album, but with the help of such producers as Yasutaka Nakata. Remember when I said Nakata saves all his good stuff for Perfume? There's also the latest offering from S/mileage. Ya...we're a real tour de force this week. Good news is that the B-Side is a cover of a Country Musume song (this one), which brings a small smile to my face :)


Also, thanks again to everyone who commented on Kamen Kanpai. It will be making its return in the near future.


Until then....MANY NOTES!!

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Jin Akanishi: The Japonicana Tour Live Report

Image Credits: Johnny & AssociatesThe familiar intro of Jin Akanishi’s “Sun Burns Down” began playing in the Best Buy Theatre of New York City as hundreds of fans began to scream and cheer. The excitement of the audience reached new heights when the curtain was pulled and beams of red and yellow light filled the stage, flooding the crowd. As the vocals kicked in and the man of the hour began making his way down the stage, the time spent waiting in the winding line outside felt miles away compared to the aural and visual delight that awaited us. 


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