Gaijin Kanpai Ep.097 - "CROWzakhstan"

Jaylee's back, Zer0 wants LoKi to die... just another day at the nonexistent GK offices!

097 - CROWzakhstan
Goto Maki - Gloria
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So this week we're reviewing two singles because all this week's releases are shorter than usual. We hope you enjoy the bonus!

This show was rife with giggles and even includes some input from listeners in the chat room at our uStream. If you'd like to join the party, be sure to check out when we record every Wednesday night at about 7:45 PM Eastern time, *squawk* o'clock CROWzakhstan time. :)

Enjoy the show, as well as these notes that accompany it!

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It's Your Money, Not Theirs: A Public Service Announcement

Every three or four months, the Japanese record labels have their "seasonal" release - their Spring love song, their upbeat Summer party song, their nostalgic Autumn mid-tempo number, and the essential Winter ballad. They all seem to come out at once, and many record labels release multiple versions of singles and albums, often with different artwork, different tracklists, and different first-press bonus extras. This leads to a rash of complaints. They're pretty predictable. They all go something like this:

"The record company is sucking us dry!"
"So expensive... they're stealing my money!"
"mean money-grubbing record label!! I'M GONNA GO BROKE!"
"The record execs are awful, releasing all these versions of singles!!"
"A concert DVD and a new single IN THE SAME DAY!? So EVIL!!"
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